Shoe and Orthotic Recommendations

Shoe & Orthotic (Foot Orthosis) Recommendations

Why are shoes or orthotics important?

In many instances, having the appropriate footwear or the addition of a foot orthotic is necessary for injury prevention or management.  Research has shown that orthotic therapy can be an effective “modality” for addressing biomechanical issues at the ankle and foot as they directly relate to injuries involving the foot, lower leg, knee, hip or back.  It is also important to have the proper footwear to match an individual’s specific activity need.  Whether discussing athletics or daily activities, having the proper foot-shoe or foot-orthotic-shoe interface is essential to optimal performance and function.

Our approach

The experienced staff at Agility Physical Therapy & Sports Performance has advanced training in biomechanical evaluation and orthosis recommendations for injury prevention and management.  This treatment philosophy that starts with a comprehensive evaluation, has extended into our traditional physical therapy evaluation, as well as several of the specialty programs and sports performance services offered to active individuals seeking injury management or performance enhancement.  We are able to provide you with a comprehensive lower quarter screen assessing foot and ankle biomechanics, range of motion, strength, and flexibility and provide appropriate recommendations on the necessity for a footwear change or the addition of a custom or semi-custom foot orthotic.  Furthermore, we are able to provide recommendations to your primary care physician or specialist, if needed.


Will medical insurance cover this?

With an appropriate medical diagnosis from your primary care physician or specialist, this is part of our normal physical therapy evaluation.  Thus, there is no additional cost to the patient aside from their normal insurance co-pay or deductible.  We participate with most commercial insurances and would be happy to assist you with any benefit questions you may have.  

More sports performance related?

If you are looking more for sports performance, we can incorporate this evaluation into one of our other sports performance services, including a walking/running gait analysis, biomechanical assessment, S2 P.E.A.K. Training or Sports Performance Training programs.  We do not require a physician referral, however we are not able to bill your medical insurance.

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