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The staff at Agility Physical Therapy & Sports Performance are able to provide the highest quality of care through evidence-based practice.  Our success is based customer service and a sound practice model, along with being involved at the community level.  We feel that providing educational information to our “customers” is an integral part of our approach.

For information on specific topics, click on a link below:

Let’s Talk Agility:  Dry Land Training for Youth Hockey Players
Let's Talk Agility:  Pre-Golf Stretching Exercises
Let’s Talk Agility:  Strength Training Injury-free for the Active Older Adult
Let's Talk Agility:  Stretching 101
Let's Talk Agility:  "Tri-6" Strength Training

Let’s Talk Running:  Controlling Blood Sugar
Let’s Talk Running:  Exercise-Induced Asthma
Let’s Talk Running:  Lactate Threshold Testing with Use of Heart Rate Monitors
Let's Talk Running:  Runner's "Quick 8"
Let’s Talk Running:  Running and Walking Gait Evaluations
Let’s Talk Running:  Strategies for Over-coming Mental Barriers
Let’s Talk Running:  Strengthening and Stretching for Runners

Let’s Talk Tips:  Coaching for Mental Toughness 
Let’s Talk Tips:  Successful Parenting in Sports 
Let’s Talk Tips:  Mental Toughness Tips
Let’s Talk Tips:  Make a Mistake! 
Let’s Talk Tips:  Pain…”Be Willing”

Agility in the News

New York Times Article:  Triathlete Injuries on the Rise
Business Update Publication Jan. 2012: Physical Rehab Services: Expanding with Agility





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