Lactate Threshold

Lactate Threshold Testing for Endurance Athletes

What is lactic threshold testing? Lactate Threshold PDF

An advanced system to measure increases in blood lactic acid levels that cause a decrease in athletic performance. The results of this test will help guide endurance athletes to train smarter and more specific, improving optimal performance.

Who would benefit from a lactate threshold test?

An endurance athlete from beginner to elite that is interested in improving efficiency and performance, along with putting the “science” into using a heart rate monitor.  There are several accepted methods of trying to figure out target training levels, however some are somewhat unreliable depending on our age or fitness level (e.g, Karvonen formula).  Lactate threshold testing data can also be used as a starting point or in conjunction with more specific testing measures, including metabolic (VO2 max) testing.  Lactate threshold testing is a field-tested method to reliably provide any athlete with the necessary training and racing guidelines for optimal performance.  Specifically, what athletes would benefit from this test:

How does this test work?Lactate Threshold

What information will you receive from this test?

What should I bring?

For running:  HEART RATE MONITOR, shirt and shorts for treadmill running, shoes and proper hydration.
For cycling:  HEART RATE MONITOR, bike, shoes, apparel, and proper hydration (indoor trainer will be provided).

Note:  It is important to prepare for this evaluation as you would for a long work out or race, including rest and nutrition day of and day before.  If you are not properly prepared for this test, you may possibly negatively impact the results.

How do I get started?

To make an appointment or for more information about lactate threshold testing, please call Agility Physical Therapy & Sports Performance during normal business hours or contact us through our website.  Gift certificates are available to purchase.


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