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What is the Golf F.I.T. Program?Golf F.I.T. PDF

This program was designed by Scott Miller who is a Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist (SCS), Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and Certified Golf Fitness Instructor through the Titleist Performance Institute (CGFI-TPI).   The primary focus of the program is to work in collaboration with the golfer and their teaching professional/coach for optimal results.  We will perform a comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation.

Basically, the goal of this program is not to change your swing mechanics, but to get your body into the position that the teaching professional wants you in to achieve the desired swing.  Our expertise is in musculoskeletal assessment, while the teaching professional’s expertise is in swing mechanics.  Collaboratively, we are able to provide any golfer with an optimal golf swing for each individual’s golfing needs and goals.

Components of the program? 

The Golf F.I.T. Program consists of the following components:

Who would benefit from the program? 

The Golf F.I.T. Program is designed for golfers at all levels, from beginner to elite, recreation to competitive, casual to serious, middle school to Q- school.  If you have been in any of the following situations, this program would be of great benefit:

Will medical insurance cover this?

As this is as specialty of our normal physical therapy services, there is no additional cost to the patient aside from their normal insurance co-pay or deductible.  We participate with most Commercial insurances and would be happy to assist you with any benefit questions you may have.  

How do I get started?

All that we need to get you started is a prescription from your primary care physician or specialist with an appropriate medical diagnosis.

Contact us

To make an appointment or for more information about the Golf F.I.T. Program, please call Agility Physical Therapy & Sports Performance during normal business hours or contact us through our website. 


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