Running/Walking Gait Evaluation

What is a gait evaluation?

A gait evaluation is complete lower quarter screen, including assessment of strength, flexibility, and muscle recruitment specific to the running/walking population.  In addition, a comprehensive foot and ankle biomechanics and videotaped running or walking gait analysis will be performed.  Using state-of-the-art computer software with two high-speed digital cameras, we are able to analyze 60 individual picture frames within a one second span of time.  All of this information will allow us to provide you with the necessary “tools” to address a current injury that you are dealing with or to prevent a future problem, including an appropriate functional exercise program, running or walking footwear, the need for foot orthotics, or pain management techniques.

Gait Analysis

How Do I get started?

You have two options depending on whether you are currently dealing with an injury or you are interested in recommendations for prevention and/or performance.


Gait Eval Option 1
Option 2
Prevention & Performance?


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