Gait Analysis Self Pay

Running/Walking Gait Evaluations - Self Pay

What is a gait evaluation?Gait Evaluations PDF

A gait evaluation is a 60 minute appointment with a Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist who will provide you with a complete lower quarter screen, including assessment of foot and ankle biomechanics and a videotaped running or walking gait analysis.  We utilize state-of-the art 2-D computerized capturing software with high-speed digital cameras.

Who would benefit from a gait evaluation?

Anyone who enjoys walking, running, or sporting activities that require you to be on your feet for any length of time.  Whether you are just beginning or a competitive athlete, a gait evaluation will help identify specific problem areas or prevent injuries. Many people are unable to do the activities they enjoy due to back, hip, knee or foot pain. Often a gait evaluation can help pinpoint the reasons for these problems and help get you back to the activities that you enjoy.  

What do “you” get out of this evaluation?Gait Evaluation Self Pay

 Recommendations on additional physician
 Appropriate footwear and/or the need for custom
   in-shoe orthotics
 Training modifications and home pain management
 Appropriate strength and flexibility exercises
 General injury prevention suggestions

What should I bring?

All you need to do is grab your walking or running shoes and a pair of shorts.  You will only be required to run or walk for approximately three minutes. 

How do I get started?

To make an appointment or for more information about whether a one-on-one evaluation is appropriate for you, please call Agility Physical Therapy & Sports Performance during normal business hours or contact us through our website.  Gift certificates are available to purchase.


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