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Running/Walking Gait Evaluations - Physician Referral

What is a gait evaluation?Gait Evaluations PDF

A videotaped gait evaluation is a critical part of our normal physical therapy evaluation that will provide thetherapist with the necessary information to deliver the highest level of care for each patient.

A comprehensive evaluation is performed, including a biomechanical assessment of the ankle and foot, during the course of evaluation process.  A videotaped running or walking gait analysis is done utilizing state-of-the art computerized 2-D capturing software with dual high-speed digital camcorders.

Common diagnoses that would benefit?

x Plantar fasciitis / Achilles tendinitis
x Metatarsalgia / Neuroma pain
x Medial shin pain (Stress reaction or fracture)
x Anterior / Infrapatellar knee pain
x Patellofemoral pain syndrome
x Iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome
x Trochanteric bursitis or Posterior hip pain
x Low back or Sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction

How does this help the patient?Running leg

Who is appropriate for a gait evaluation?

Any individual who is active and is having difficulties maintaining their functional status due to an injury.  From the pediatric to the geriatric population, mobility is critical to a healthy lifestyle, and keeping them walking or running safely is our primary goal.

Will medical insurance cover this?

As this is part of our normal physical therapy evaluation, there is no additional cost to the patient aside from their normal insurance co-pay or deductible.  We participate with most commercial insurances and would be happy to assist you with any benefit questions you may have.  

How do I get started?

All that we need to get you started is a prescription from your primary care physician or specialist with an appropriate medical diagnosis.

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